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With store after store announcing that they are going out of business, it's good to see one of my favorite stores opening up a new location.  Ollie's Bargain Outlet (AKA the place that usually gets all of my mad money) has announced that their 2nd location in the Shreveport / Bossier City area will be flinging open their doors on October 8th!

I don't mind if you call me cheap, frugal, tight, etc. - I love walking into this place with absolutely no plan or target purchase in mind.  Will it be a new set of T-Fal pots and pans for $20?  Possibly some new bar stools, fishing gear, a rug, or a new vacuum cleaner  - who knows?  The great thing is, you feel like you're making out like a bandit even if you didn't need that Bob Ross Chia Pet (totally a real thing I got at Ollie's).

According to the Shreveport Times, the new store will be at Summer Grove Shopping Center off of Mansfield Road, and reportedly will employee between 50 and 60 people.

The Bossier City location was the first in Louisiana.  Since then, Ollie's has been pushing pretty hard in to Louisiana - opening 8 more stores.  The Shreveport location will be the discount chain's 10th location in the Sportsman's Paradise.

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