Stop what you're doing, our day to shine could be here! Sony Pictures is looking to hire people from our community to be in a movie all about Ark-La-Tex native George Foreman.

According to Shreveport Times, the title of the movie is "Heart of a Lion".

Here is what I love, Sony Pictures told City Council members that they want to hire as many local people and use as many local companies as possible. A lot of people are needed to make this movie a success, 1,500 people in the Shreveport area to be exact. That is a whole lot of Ark-La-Tex in the house. We aren't mad about it. Considering the fact that our chances of being in the movie are pretty high.

According to Shreveport Times, Sony's representatives plan to spend over $5 million in the Shreveport area. This is such great news for our local economy.

Hurricane Ida wrecked the plans that Sony Pictures had of filming in New Orleans, so it looks like Shreveport is back in the movie game. Production was moved to Shreveport, which is kind of perfect since Shreveport is so close to Geroge Foreman's hometown of Marshall, Texas.

We don't know exactly when casting calls will start, but we do know that the filming in Shreveport will start closer to 2022. The biopic is scheduled to be released on September 16th, 2022. As soon as we find out where casting calls are being held you will be the first to know.

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