Netflix announced they had a new Tocumentary, and now I believe that the tacos in Shreveport/Bossier deserve their own type of love. I visited 4 different spots last week which you can read up on by clicking here. This week I visited another 4, and most of them were delicious.

Check out the 4 tacos I tried after several people recommended them. Here are the rules for my Taco Tour. There is no discrimination allowed. I must try every single taco that has been recommended at least 3-5 times. Can we start a Go Fund Me for my Taco Tour? It's getting expensive.

  • Krystal Montez

    El Bazar Mexicano 2

    Probably one of the most recommended taco spots around the SBC. El Bazar 2 is also the proud champion of Taco Wars 2019. I could not pick just one taco, so I ordered their 3 most popular ones and I am embarrassed to say that I ate all three. Would I do it again? Absolutely!

  • Krystal Montez

    Uneeda Taco

    Uneeda Taco got a lot of love from moms who love accessing their drive-thru. The crew at Uneeda Taco is inviting and they're not shy about suggesting some of the staff favorites. In fact, that's what I asked for, I asked for the best seller and a staff favorite. I got a Barbacoa, Fried Gator, and a Loaded Nacho Taco. As I had dinner I saw a lot of parents making dinner easy for themselves and picking up to-go orders.

  • Krystal Montez

    Sin Fronteras

    One of Haughton's favorite hidden gems. If you love street tacos, you need to try these. Beware, their salsa is so spicy. I mean, it's delicious and worth the burn. So don't deprive yourself!

  • Taco Bell

    Taco Bell

    I was called out by David from Shreveport for "forgetting my most loyal taco". Although I laughed at him at first, he is right. Taco Bell is there for you at 2:00 a.m. and understands your mumbling from the backseat. Shout out to designated drivers and Taco Bell.