Just another reason to never hold a graduation ceremony outside.

Of course, here in Shreveport, the mere thought of an outdoor graduation sends sweat beads plummeting to the Earth from the forehead. However, in Malibu, CA, an outdoor ceremony seems like a perfect setting.

Think about it... It's the biggest day of your life, graduation day. There's a nice, cool Californian breeze. You look around and see nothing but open water and sunny sky. You look up and see a pelican trying to rip your face off ----WAIT WHAT??

Yep, that's exactly what happened at Pepperdine's graduation celebration. These pelicans were in no mood for shenanigans though, clearly they had a bad day.

In the now viral footage, we see a pair of pelicans land at the ceremony, even landing on actual people as they went along.

Finally, they had some showdowns with officials, who eventually won the battle, but that didn't stop the angry birds from showing off their aggressive side.

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