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Yep, I'm that lady you see on social media complaining about the neighbors and their fireworks. Just call me Karen.

I know I get on everyone's nerves, but I don't give a rat's ass. I have four pups, three of which whom are easily scared, and three horses, who are easily spooked by nature. Do you know how much a vet bill is if, God forbid, your horse gets scared and goes through a fence? Not to mention the emotional turmoil and the pain involved for the animal. So, let the big boys handle the fireworks downtown. I know, I know, you want your own chance to light stuff on fire. You'll be okay, you pyro!

Now I'm not saying I don't enjoy fireworks, because I do! I find them romantic, almost magical. I just don't enjoy kids having bottle rocket wars or roman candles that have gone awry. With that being said, I know folks are going to pop their own fireworks, but if you're going to do it, do it responsibly!

Did you know the 4th of July holiday is the time of year when most pets go missing? I know that if any of mine got out and ran away out of fear, I'd be devastated! Here are some tips for keeping your beloved pets safe and injury-free this 4th of July with a fun and totally cute video from Petco!

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