I have been judged a time or two for a reason why I won't date someone and honestly, it's one of my deal-breakers that I can't bring myself to budge on. I refuse to date a man with kids, granted at 30 and unmarried I am probably some poor kids' stepmom, however, for now, I am adamant that I won't date someone who has kids.

I Asked People in Shreveport-Bossier For the Pettiest Reasons Why They Refuse to Date Someone.

Simply put, we are petty. There were some reasons that I can understand like bad breath and body odor, however, some reasons just show how petty we are and it's quite comical to me.

Check Out Some of the Pettiest Reasons Why People in Shreveport-Bossier Won't Date Someone.

  • When her feet look like the talons of an eagle.
  • Flip flops.
  • Their taste in music.
  • "When I was single it was sports teams… literally broke things off with a girl because she was accepted into a particular school”
  • Gross eater.
  • Can’t say specifically or espresso correctly.
  • "If they don't know the difference of there, their, and they're"
  • "I dumped a guy once because he didn’t wear a belt"
  • "If they’re younger than me. Wouldn’t date one guy cause he was ONE day younger. And if they don’t have facial hair, I’m out."
  • "If he wears Costas and has cloth seats in his pictures or those selfies have a putrid bathroom with spit all over the mirror"
    What is the pettiest reason you've skipped out on dating someone?

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