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Can you believe that picture is Ellen DeGeneres? Halloween costumes can be wild. She's not wearing a mask, her face isn't covered in fake blood or clown makeup, and she still doesn't look like herself. But isn't that the fun of Halloween?

If you want to wear a mask, or makeup, or just a wig and fake glasses, you get a chance to "hide" yourself for a day. From trick-or-treating to costume contests, there are so many opportunities to dress up and have a good time. But Halloween isn't limited to kids, or a single day.

The Halloween season starts for many on October 1st every year. That's when people start to decorate their homes, and their yards, and finalize their costumes. There are generally parties all through the month of October as well. So you might actually be able to get away with a couple costumes each year.

Again, Halloween isn't just for kids either. Adults are getting more and more into Halloween. But not trick-or-treating; more like costumes, decorations, and parties. Even celebrities love to get in on the Halloween spirit.

Check out these Louisiana-born celebrities, and some of their Halloween costumes:

Pics Of Louisiana Celebrities Dressed Up For Halloween

These Louisiana-born celebrities were feeling the Halloween vibes.

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