An Asiana Airlines flight carrying more than 300 passengers crashed and caught fire while attempting to at San Francisco airport Saturday.

Authorities say that two people were killed and at least 181 people were hospitalized with mostly minor injuries.

Witnesses said that the plane looked to be swaying from side to side and at one point the tail appeared to be hitting the ground as it skidded down the runway. Flames consumed the top of the Boeing 777's fuselage, and pieces of the tail were scattered along the runway, while it looked like one of the aircraft's engines had broken away.

One passenger, Vedpal Singh, told The Huffington Post that the plane made a hard landing accompanied by loud noises with no warning from the pilot or flight crew.

"We knew something was horrible wrong," said Singh, who had been treated for a broken collarbone and had his arm wrapped in a sling. He added, "It's miraculous we survived."

The FBI has taken over the investigation of the crash and terrorism has been ruled out, according to San Francisco Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White.