Carrolton Police have arrested 33 year old Yoandi Emiliano Quezada Valdez of Dallas and have warrants for 5 more individuals in connection with a credit card skimmer ring that has allegedly stolen more than half a million dollars.  Valdez is currently facing charges of Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity and Credit/Debit Card Abuse for his role in a scheme that placed devices called "skimmers" over the card readers at gas stations from Dallas to Tyler, and most likely beyond.

According to, Valdez and co would steal unsuspecting people's credit card info in order to make a "clone" of their card.  Thieves would then use high-capacity tanks hidden in pick-up truck beds to fill up on their mark's dime.  The gang would use stolen master keys to access the credit card payment area of the pumps to install the skimmer.  They would then wirelessly access the stolen info from a safe distance to make the fake cards, never retrieving the skimmers.

The case is still under investigation, and officials expect to arrest more members of the gang soon and may even level more charges at Yoandi before it is all said and done.

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