Have you ever fell into a rabbit hole when shopping online? First you start off at Amazon or Old Navy then thirty minutes later you are some how on the dark web looking up the pricing for jumping spiders.

According to Coast to Coast, this shopping site called Avito had a strange listing for a haunted cat. This listing was coming from Russia where a guy was selling a cat for "5 million Russian rubles" which is close to  $75,000 American dollars.

How is this cat psychic? Glad you asked. Apparently this cat can tell if ghosts are around. Yep, a cat that can let you know if there are spooky things happening about.

I absolutely love cats. Cats are my life. Would I purchase this cat? I would not for $75,000 American dollars or "5 million Russian rubles". However, I bet the cat is super sweet and a lovable sweetheart. I am just not made of rubles. Good news though! There are several cats in the area that are looking to find homes. Check out Port City Cat Rescue! You never know... one could be psychic.