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I'm not sure where you fall on the political spectrum, and the beauty of it is this: I don't care.  Don't get me wrong, I think you're great - but when it comes to which way you "lean," I think that's up to you.  I really only ask that you use common sense, though I realize that it is becoming increasingly rare.

In this context, "common sense," means the ability to determine when a conspiracy is sounds a little too out there to likely be true.  I'm not saying that there's no way that the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas wasn't a clever cover for a shadow group who were using the whole operation to smuggle children across the border to sold in the sex trade - I'm just saying it might sound dumb to suggest that very thing with 0% proof to go on.

Back in 2017, the sanctuary sued the U.S. government to block the construction of the border wall that was planned to run through their property.  That seems to have activated certain elements of the right-wing conspiracy group QAnon, who reportedly claim that the butterfly reserve has a secret dock where boats unload illegal immigrants destined for for sex work.  That idea has snowballed into a potentially dangerous situation.

According to a report from Yahoo News, the threats and danger of violence have gotten so bad - the sanctuary is closing it's doors for good.  Wednesday, February 2nd, was the last day visitors could stop by the facility dedicated to the wide variety of butterflies that call the southern region of Texas home.

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