Over the weekend the back to school shopping complaining came up. I have seen so many parents complain about buying back to school items and even though I myself am not a parent, it baffles me. It also baffled a suburban mom who made a viral video last year. She went through Target buying all kinds of things for her kid's teachers. You can see the hilarious video above.

Tim Boyle Getty Images
Tim Boyle Getty Images

I remember going back to school shopping and it being the best experience ever. My siblings and I didn't grow up with much, but this was a day my mom would let us splurge a little. My parents would make sure we went to school with everything on that back to school list. After seeing so many complaints from parents on social media I had to share a bit of insight from a super mom that I am sure many parents out there will echo.

I know that what we as parents say and do, totally mirrors the way our children see the world and will effect them for their entire lives, or until they discover for themselves that their experience or thoughts are wrong. Words are so much more powerful than most people realize. If we as parents act like school is a burden rather than an opportunity, that will be our children’s reality. If we complain about spending two or three hours getting supplies for them to use, but will spend hours on our phones, and hundred of dollars on coffee, alcohol, our nails, golf, or whatever we want, but complain about buying the things they need for the school year, we will teach our kids that their education isn’t as important. Your child’s performance will likely mirror your commitment to their education. As parents we have such a huge responsibility to set our children up for success not failure, and as parents, that’s the very least we can do. I always told my kids, Can you imagine how frustrated you would be if you dedicated your life to teaching children and have the children not pay attention, be disrespectful, or not do their work? Teachers and our children’s education is such privilege given to every child in this country, and we as a society need to treat it as such! Teachers not only dedicate their life to teaching OUR children, they spend their own time, money and family time so our children can get a good education, and it’s really sad for any parent to not teach their own children by example to respect and appreciate them.


People are always saying the youth of this country is the problem, but it’s not the youth, it’s the reflection of their parents attitudes. Everyone feels entitled for some reason. I never once heard my parents complain about buying school supplies or back to school clothes. It was a time of excitement. Meeting your teacher was exciting. I don’t know why the attitude towards teachers and education changed, but it’s our responsibility to make it a priority, treat it and appreciate it for the privilege that it is. And respect our teachers. Believe me, no one goes into teaching because they don’t like children, and don’t want them to succeed. I tell my children, in all aspects of life, never expect more than you are willing to give. - Tammy Gonzales

Parents remember to encourage your kids and their teachers. If you can, donate and help out your local back to school fundraiser.


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