WWL-TV is reporting that former New Orleans Saints star Delvin Breaux is facing hard times after the COVID-19 shutdowns have rocked the world.

In 2015, Breaux joined his hometown Saints, after being recruited to play college football at LSU, he bounced around between Arena Football and the Canadian Football League. Breaux is from New Orleans, and played high school football for McDonogh 35 High School in New Orleans.

During Breaux's high school career, he broke his neck (C4, C5, and C6 vertebrae) on a kickoff return. Doctor's referred to Breaux as a "miracle", because he was neurologically fine after the injury. Some said he should have died on the field that day.

However his injury prevented him from fulfilling his football commitment to LSU, however the university held their commitment to his scholarship, and he attended and acted as a player-coach before leaving the school to pursue playing football.

Breaux eventually became a Canadian Football League All-Star, and caught the attention of the NFL. When Breaux made it to the Saints, he started all 22 games he played for the team, before breaking his leg twice, and eventually leaving the team.

But now, with COVID-19 shutting everything down, Breaux has hit another challenge in his life.

Breaux told WWL-TV that he's struggling to keep a roof over his head, and food on the table. Breaux hasn't received a paycheck since late 2019, and did not receive any stimulus or assistance.

In an interview with Breaux, he told WWL-TV that he is near the point of having to live in his car.

Now, Breaux is using the platform he gained through his pro career to call for leaders to help those like him. He's been using his verified Twitter account to draw attention to the wave of evictions that will be coming, now that protections put in place with the COVID shutdowns are being lifted, even though the shutdowns are still in place.

Breaux can't go play football right now because of the shutdowns. He can't attend sports card shows or live events to do signings right now, because those are still shutdown. But he's now facing evictions because the protections are going away, even though he's still not allowed to do his job.

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