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I'm sure by now you've heard all about the shipping issue threatening to ruin our holiday plans.  You've probably already seen the store shelves where you usually shop getting a little bare.  While there are a lot of people pointing fingers  trying to figure out who to blame, there are a few folks who may have figured out a way to solve a part of the problem.  Could this be the beginning of the robot trucker revolution?

The crisis has made the need for more truckers abundantly clear

If you were ever in the dark as to just how badly we need the American truck driver, here's your wake-up call.  According to the stats from Trucking.org, a whopping 72.5% of products on store shelves were delivered by what we commonly refer to as a big-rig or 10-wheeler.  Now that more and more short and medium delivery routes from the store or distribution center to your home, the need for short and long-haul drivers has never been higher.

Robotic trucking companies are working hard to take advantage of the shipping issue

Companies like Telsa, Waymo, and more were already pouring billions in research to perfect an automated shipping system that can one day replace flesh-and-blood drivers.  The pandemic and the ensuing shipping crisis that we are currently experiencing just happen to be the perfect testing opportunity and the perfect time to win the public's approval.  While the automated long-haul game may still be in the early stages, the medium and short robotic delivery runs are already a reality in Louisiana

Gatik automated delivery vehicles are already here

3 pilot(less) programs are already running in Louisiana as the partnership between burgeoning robotics company Gatik and the world's largest retailer, and if things continue on the very efficient path they are on now - we'll be seeing them in the Shreveport-Bossier area very soon.  According to a report from Forbes, the Silicon Valley robot truckers are teaming up with cutting edge electric-vehicle maker Via Motors to make their Bayou State delivery bots.

It's like having Walmart drive to your house

The concept does sound pretty appealing.  I do love the low prices at Walmart, but I hate dealing with the crowds there sometimes.  What if this was the key to having it all?  Order it online, have it driven from the store to your house where you can grab it yourself from the truck with zero interaction with a person who might judge you for picking up your groceries in your pajama pants?  Yes, please!

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