Hang on, I'm currently doing whatever it takes to get a Sam's Club membership at 10:30 PM.

My daughters' love for Oreos truly blows my mind. Both of them, ages six and three, LOVE Oreos. Well, they love the frosting, not really the cookie part. Chances are, many of you reading this are the same exact way.

That's the magic of an Oreo. That feeling when you perfectly rip apart both sides leaving a delicately untouched sphere of frosty goodness... Well, that's magical.

Now, you can get all the frosting you're little heart could possibly handle, and then about eight more pounds of it after your heart gives out.

Sam's Club is now selling nine-pound buckets of Oreo frosting.

That's about 16,000 calories, 1,000 grams of fat, 1,500 grams of sugar, and 115 grams of protein.

Are you already in the Sam's Club parking lot waiting on them to open so they can take your money?