I have never been ashamed to talk about my struggle with my mental issues- depression and anxiety. I take medication and I see a counselor. I believe more people should talk about mental illness and dismantle the stigma surrounding the topic. Although having several amazing resources for me to turn to, I have always found my balance in life with my mother.

My mother and I joke that we always find each other whenever we are going through something tough. (Usually its me seeking her.) My mom always knows what to say and how to say it to make me feel at ease.


I think the most unique super power my mother has is being able to soak up my woes without even acknowledging them. Just being in my mothers presence is like hitting the refresh button on a web page that has become frozen.

Maybe it is my way of taking a step back and appreciating the moment because I am in her presence or maybe its being able to throw all worries to the wind because I am spending time with my best friend.

Even science agrees that hanging out or talking to your mom is good for you. Washington Post says that having an open line of conversation with your mother will actually help you deal with life problems.

A study lead by a professor from the University of Missouri asked 60 young adult females about a difficult situation in their lives and how it impacted them. They wrote down their story, and then two days later brought in their mothers to tell them about that difficult situation. After two days passed again, the young women were tasked to repeat the first step by writing down the same difficult situation in their lives and how it impacted them. The study leaders found that after comparing the first written story to the last- the women had a change in tone. Having their mothers there changed things.

So today, Mother's Day, call your mom and tell her how much she means to you- you could actually benefit from it.


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