When I think of funny words, this word certainly doesn't come to mind.

"Cumquat" is hilarious to me, also I enjoy the word "moist". Those would probably be my top-2, the rest of the words in the universe are tied for third.

Scientists decided they would put that degree and all of those years perfecting their craft to good use, and scientifically find the funniest word in all of the world. They hail from the great University of Warwick in England, and they analyzed 5,000 words and somehow agreed that this word is funnier than the rest.

That word is...... Booty.

Yep, pirates rejoice, the word "Booty" is officially the funniest word in existence.

"Booty" beat out words like "Booby", "Nitwit", "Tinkle", and the always respectable, "Egghead".

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