Let me start off by saying I don't have kids. The thought of having a kid scares me to no end. I have two nephews, one has what seems like unlimited amounts of screen time. He always has a phone in front of him during dinner and he is in front of a TV with one of his favorite shows on just about every single hour that he is wae and at home. My other nephew thinks watching movies is a treat. I have never seen his parents put a phone or tablet in front of him to keep him quiet during dinner. It's become a common occurrence to see a child with their tablet out during dinner. Parents just want a quiet dinner! I see a huge difference in their ability to communicate. I never thought that my nephew's screen time could possibly make them develop mental health problems.

Scientists are warning parents that the use of smartphones and tablets is causing developmental health issues. Did you know that just an hour of staring at a screen can cause your child to be even more anxious and depressed? Scientists warn that this starts with toddlers as young as 2 years old. The screen time you allow your kids is making them less curious. On top of that, your children are becoming less able to finish tasks, less emotionally stable and their self-control is lowered dramatically. We used to think this was just a serious issue for teenagers, and now we are realizing this is bad news all around. Knowing that this is crippling our children, why do we choose to allow our kids to have a tablet or smartphone constantly in front of them? As a parent do you believe that there is any truth to these studies?

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