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The time is almost here for one of the most picturesque festivals we have in the area!  Coming up next week, your Facebook news feed will be filled with pictures of your friends and neighbors using one of mother nature's best backdrops: A huge field of giant Sunflowers!

Lavender And Sunflower Season Coming To A Close In Hitchin
Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

According to a report from the ArkLaTex Homepage, the 23rd Annual Sunflower Trail and Festival is set to kick-off next weekend!  By then, the trail running by Highway 3049 in Gilliam will packed with people trying to get the perfect selfie and/or perfect photo.  The festival has way more to offer than the perfect profile picture: Reportedly, the event features awesome food, crafts and art for sale by local vendors, arts and crafts activities for children, live music, and more!

Australia v Wales - Rugby World Cup 2019: Group D
Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

If you fancy yourself as a top-notch photographer (or, you just really love taking pictures), you're invited to enter your best shot in the festival photography contest.  Winning photos will be proudly displayed at the Gilliam Village Hall for all to see.

Don't miss the 20+miles of trails lined with gorgeous sunflowers that stretches down Old Dixie-Shreveport Rd. between Shreveport and Gilliam.  Find out more about the event on their official website here.

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