More and More schools across the country are starting to make the switch to year round schools and as someone who grew up in that system I couldn't be happier! So far over 3,000 schools or 10% nationwide are now going to school year round. But there's many misconceptions surrounding year round schools.

First of all year round schools don't mean that the students go to school more than traditional students. Students are still required to go to school for 180 days throughout the year. The main difference being that instead of getting the entire summer off you get more breaks throughout the year. The schools are broken down into four different "tracks" each on a rotating schedule. Your track is in school for 9 weeks and then out of school for 3 weeks. For myself this meant growing up I got a 4 week break every season including summer with an additional week off for July 4th and Christmas.

The National Education Association says that other benefits of year round schools is that it helps with overcrowding, students retain more information throughout the year and between grades as well as remediation can happen during the school year when it's needed instead of waiting till the summer.

Year round schools were amazing in my opinion from K-8th grade but I think there's many benefits to keeping High School traditional from extracurricular activities like team sports/band and working a summer job.

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