Back in 2010 KSLA found that on any given night in Shreveport around 1,000 people were homeless with around 200 of them being veterans... Now in 2017 this has changed! The city is saying it has now functionally ended homelessness for veterans. Any veteran willing to accept housing in Shreveport now will likely receive it.

KSLA reports "It just means that we have the capacity to serve veterans and shelter them and then move them on into permanent housing," said Gary Jaynes, veterans services director for Volunteers of America. "So that's our ultimate goal for all of us."

Experts are saying that veterans on the street in Shreveport has gone from 200 in 2010 to only 4 as of 2017 and hope to have that number at 0 soon. Many groups like Volunteers for America are to thank for this huge transformation but say that their jobs are not done!

In the past week local veteran groups signed 6 leases for homes for veterans!

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