Shreveport has been named by Forbes as one of the best places to make your mark in the country. How boss is that?

Forbes released a list of the top 19 cities in the U.S. that it may be easier to make your mark.

Shreveport came in at number 17 on the list.

In the list, Forbes talked about hos great of an area Shreveport is for young Milennials to live. They compared our city to Austin, saying we offer similar amenities.

Read it here:

"There are several things that make Shreveport attractive and a positive place for young people to move and start a business," says Scott Martinez, president of the North Louisiana Economic Partnership. "There are lots of things that really from my perspective are attractive to Milennials. We have one of the nicest walking and jogging systems, very similar to what you’ll find around the lake in Austin." In addition, Shreveport has the Louisiana Startup Prize, the Louisiana Film Prize, and the Louisiana Music Prize. Another perk: all kinds of housing, from lofts to Victorians to bungalows."