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Wednesday, May 4, 2022, the Shreveport Police Department recognized the best of the best among their ranks during a special awards ceremony at Northwest Technical Community College in Shreveport. The awards were for members of the Shreveport Police family who go above and beyond their call of duty.

If you've lived in the area for any amount of time, you're sure to recognize one of the names on this list. Even though our local police get a bad rap at times because of the crime issues in our area, it's important to remember these are people, just like you and me, who put their lives on the line every day to help protect our community. You can see these folks daily. They're our neighbors, they shop at the same grocery stores as us and go to the same churches. With that being said, we'd like to thank you for your service.

Because of the pandemic, SPD wasn't able to hold the awards ceremony so these awards reflect both 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. Congratulations to all of the recipients!

Chiefs Appreciation Award:
Corporal Chris Lee
Office Specialist Cherita Moore
Corporal Gavin Washington
Officer Daniel Robalo
Xiomara Soza

Unit Citation Awards:
Shreveport Police K9 Unit
Shreveport Police Department Traffic Enforcement Unit
Street Level Interdiction Unit
Violent Crimes Abatement Team

Police Commendation Award:
Lieutenant Matthew Prunty
Sergeant Meosha Moses
Sergeant Briana Rivera
Sergeant Lonnie Haskins
Corporal John Lee
Corporal Hai Phan
Corporal Michael Hayes
Corporal John Briceno
Corporal Anthony Haines
Corporal Robert Cerami
Officer Natalie Hudgens
Corporal Joel Davidson
Officer Vanessa Gray
Officer Brent Ouzts
Officer Nathaniel Davis
Officer Christopher Davidson

Life-Saving Award
Corporal Srederick Matthews
Corporal Robert Entrekin
Corporal Tina Morris
Officer Courtney Thibodeaux
Retired Captain Gayle McFarland
Sergeant Susan Mendels
Corporal Marcus Hines
Corporal Joshua Pettigrew
Officer Clemmie Porter
Officer Austin Page
Officer Codie Lindsey
Officer Conner Ballard
Officer Loren Thibodeaux
Officer Joshua Mitchell
Officer D’Andre Jackson
Corporal Rodney Keaton
Officer Anthony Visciotti
Officer Rosendo Rodriguez
Officer Hunter DeLoach
Corporal Mason Guy
Corporal Jeremy Kelley
Corporal Tina Nelson
PCO2 Tenisha Lesane
Nathaniel Davis
Corporal Brian Michael

Civilian of the Year:
Systems Analyst Maria Whitaker 2020-2021
Office Specialist Kanique Prince 2021-2022

Support Officer of the Year:
Corporal Latoyia Marsden 2020-2021
PCO1 Pam Douglas 2021-2022

Training Officer of the Year:
Corporal John Lee 2020-2021
Corporal Derek Barker 2021-2022

Investigator of the Year:
Detective Adam McEntee 2020-2021
Detective Ebony Ford 2021-2022

Supervisor of the Year:
Lieutenant Rob Elliot 2020-2021
Sergeant Alison Azlin 2021-2022

USD Officer of the Year:
Corporal Greg Washington 2020-2021
Corporal Rodner Medlin 2021-2022

Purple Heart Award:
Robert Brice

Medal of Valor:
Sergeant Timothy Adgate

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