If you've had a less than stellar experience with the Shreveport Regional Airport, you're not alone - and your complaints haven't gone unnoticed.  Shreveport airport management is now considering a change in cleaning services after receiving numerous complaints about dirty conditions.  Passengers have made their dissatisfaction with dirty bathrooms, gate seating areas, and the outdoor drop off spot known.

The city council has also thrown their voice into the fracas by suggesting airport officials either re-negotiate the deal with the current cleaning service or to find another solution altogether.  KTBS reports that the current cleaning crew works from 6 to midnight Monday through Friday, but officials agree that a 24/7 schedule is needed to address the problem.  Shreveport regional is considering a cleaning company that can accommodate this schedule for the some money, or possibly contracting custodians in order to avoid the extra cost adding additional regular employees to the cleaning crew.  "Legacy" costs like a retirement benefit program for new employees allegedly aren't within the current budget.

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