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One of the most unique and beloved businesses in Shreveport has announced they'll close for good, effective immediately.

I'm honestly getting pretty sad while typing this because I feel like Glenwood Tea room was simply one of those incredibly unique local businesses that make our community so awesome. Glenwood Tea Room first arrived in Shreveport back in 1990, and after 30 years and one global pandemic, they will not be reopening after things return to relative normalcy.

They made this announcement this evening via Facebook.

When our state's restrictions first came down, Glenwood tea Room was optimistic in regard to its future. On March 16th, they posted to their patrons, "We are sad to announce that we will be CLOSED until further notice. We will keep everyone updated via Facebook. We are to re-open as soon as the Governor allows everyone to return to business as normal! Thanks for your understanding!"

Now, a month and a half later, they simply can't reopen even after all restrictions get lifted. When our restrictions came down, we all knew things like this would happen. There's nothing easy for any of us while trying to get through this pandemic. I just absolutely hate sharing news like this, I know many of you will miss Glenwood Tea Room very much.

Congratulations to Glenwood Tea Room on an amazing 30 years in Shreveport.


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