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Let's face it - Shreveport knows how to stay in the news.  From crime reports to, unholy amounts of road construction, to national rankings that show our fair city in a bad light - the Ratchet City seems to be a popular target for news organizations to bash.  I am so glad to tell you that this is not one of those stories.

Not only is the news about LSUS not bad - it's something we can all be proud of!  According to the latest report from the Shreveport Times, the graphic design program at the Shreveport campus of Louisiana State University is the hands-down best in the state!

The good news came in the form of results from the latest PLEXUSS Global Rankings.  PLEXUSS ranks colleges and universities based on a number of factors, including the "student experience."  The survey also takes into account the results from other like-minded rankings and compiles all of the data into the mother of all higher-education grading system.

Those results put the LSUS graphic design program at the tip-top of the list.  That's right, LSUS is at #1!  When it comes to the very competitive world of graphic design - that's a huge win!  It means that graduates of the program will have an edge against other graphic designers when it come time to compete for a job!  It also means that aspiring artists will gravitate towards a program that has been recognized as the best in the state - making the program even better!

Hats off to the graphical artist Pilots and the incredible staff at LSUS!

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