How cool is this!?!?! Our local Fox affiliate KMSS Fox 33 told us a Shreveport native, Natalie Hanson, had auditioned in New Orleans but couldn't tell us much more than that... So when the NOLA auditions came on, I was GLUED to the screen and totally bummed when I didn't see her. Well, that didn't last long because we got a good look at Ms. Hanson last night during Hollywood Week's Group Night. She's a very pretty girl and obviously, enormously talented. Natalie, girl, I'm going to be rooting you on every single step of the way using all 100,000 watts of K945. After all, you went to school at Huntington, right around the corner from the K945 studios. You just have to promise to remember your girl during your hometown visit sister! Here's video I found of Natalie at It almost looks like they're already setting her up as a favorite and I, for one, couldn't be happier!

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