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It's Election Day in America, which is usually an exciting time for people to exercise their civic duties, and cast a ballot for what they want to see in the future. But this year feels a lot different.

Cities across the country are bracing for violence tonight, by boarding up windows and even rolling out National Guard style police forces (and in some cases, actually having the National Guard in town). Many are concerned about violence no matter who wins. Earlier this year, FBI director Christopher Wray singled out white supremacist groups testifying that "over recent years have been responsible for the most lethal activity in the U.S."which has many concerned that these groups could strike on Election Day.

Just a month ago, a group white supremacist domestic terrorists were arrested by the FBI for plotting to kidnap the Governor of Michigan. Authorities say that those who were arrested were hoping to spark a "Civil War" in American with the plot.

So, if we're about to head into a "Civil War" with this election, you should be prepared...with snacks.

Yes, snacks. Because the kind of "Civil War" that many people are talking about isn't the type of Civil War our country experienced in the 1860s. This idea isn't going to be some kind of national event, it will be small episodes in cities around the country...AT THE MOST.

So what kind of snacks should you have.

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