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Mention snow to anyone in living around these parts and they may go in to shock.  We're all still a little on edge thanks to last year's Winter Storm Uri that left a lot of people frozen and without power.  Some folks didn't have running water for days on end and had to rely on melting the snow until things thawed and service was restored.

Second Snowstorm Hits New York City In Less Than A Week
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Believe me, when I saw the news about our chances for snow this weekend - I immediately flashed back to mid-February 2021.  We almost had to dog-sled into work for a week because Interstate 20 was nearly frozen solid.  If it wasn't for the fearless Gary McCoy and his mighty 4-wheel-drive truck, we would've have made it.

Winter Hits Germany
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Here's the good news:  There is a chance of snow this weekend in all of Northern Louisiana, but according to a report from the Advocate - the National Weather Service in Shreveport expects little-to-no accumulation.  While that isn't good news for snowball and snowman aficionados - it's great for those of us that need to be somewhere.

Widespread Frost As The UK Braces Itself For Severe Cold Weather
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The expected lack of accumulation doesn't mean that you should throw caution to the wind.  Officials with the National Weather Service do expect temperatures to drop significantly, and when you factor in the precipitation they also expect - we could still have some pretty slick spots.  They have issued a "Hazardous Weather Outlook" report from our area which details exactly the kind of nasty winter weather we can expect.  You can read the whole thing here.

Use caution when driving over bridges, because if it does ice over in spots on the roadway exposed to the wind you may have a hard time seeing it.

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