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Have you ever thought about the things that make us 'Southern' here in Shreveport-Bossier City, LA? If you don't like any of those things, does that mean you lose your 'Southerner card?'

What could make someone from Louisiana lose their 'Southern' card?

That's easy! There are some things here in Louisiana that we hold sacred above all else. Those items are our food and LSU/SEC Football. If you don't truly believe in your heart that our cuisine is the best in the world and that nothing can beat a Saturday night in Death Valley, you might as well hand in your 'Southern Card' now. Heck, we might even kick you out!

When I decided to ask this question on social media, the Ark-La-Tex didn't hold back. The creativity you threw down was darn right impressive and hilarious. Keep in mind, these folks don't actually feel this way, they're being funny. Right? We all know that dogging the SEC or drinking unsweet tea around these parts will get you in trouble quickly!

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Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Page Cline Porter
I use tomatoes in gumbo.

Benjamin Shaffer Tynan
The Confederacy was a joke.

Jordan Chreene
Hank who?

Darrell Venable Rhyne
I don't like grits.


Carol Womack Robertson
Hello you guys!

Robin Iman
I don’t like sweet tea.

Charles Hawkins
I’m not a Saints fan

Shelley Rene Stewart
Get me a Pop

AllState BCS National Championship - LSU v Ohio State
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Charles Brakeville
SEC football is overrated!!!

Stephanie Ivey Bliss
I use a premade roux!

Nico Manshack
Tony Chachere's is 🗑.

Deidre England
I don't like sweet tea.

Northern Gulf Coast Braces For Tropical Storm Gordon
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Traci King Pate
Waffle House sucks.

Michelle Moore Thomas
What is hot water cornbread?!

Pam Harris Griffith
I don’t like gravy.

Thomas Smith
Crawfish sucks.

MarianVejcik/Getty Stock/ThinkStock
MarianVejcik/Getty Stock/ThinkStock

Michelle Lee
I don't believe in A/C.

Gary Watson
I voted for Obama… TWICE!

Sherry Roche
I hate BBQ.

Elizabeth Herriage
How do you pronounce Natchitoches???

George Frey/Getty Images
George Frey/Getty Images

Kim Payne Ebey
I prefer Mr. Pibb (not Dr. Pepper)

Robbie Hughes
Open containers suck.

D Peter Maus
NASCAR isn’t racing.

Mishka Valentina Jensen
It's called a shopping cart!

AllState BCS National Championship - LSU v Ohio State
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Steve Castello
I only watch college lacrosse.

Barrie Stephenson
I don’t do spicy.

Sandy Franks
I'd rather have quiche, please.

Casey Smith

Bruce Mikels/TSM
Bruce Mikels/TSM

Casey Smith
Boudin is gross.

Mary Louise Texada
Pee-can pie.

Michael G. Levesque

Susan Shirley Walker
We don’t need guns.

Bacon slice being cooked in frying pan
Volodymyr Krasyuk

Michelle Madden
Throw out that bacon grease!

John McCorkle
Greatest Football Conference- Big Ten.

Kimberly Carathers
Chic-Fil-A is nasty.

Stewart Rose
Cast iron skillets in dishwasher!

via Southern Maid's Facebook Page
via Southern Maid's Facebook Page

Mike McDougal
I hate Southern Maid Donuts.

Austin Beard
I hate hunting and fishing.

John Kelly
George Strait can’t sing.

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