Well, here's something for the ladies to look forward to in 2021, assuming we aren't all living in a bubble by then. The Spice Girls have announced a 25th Anniversary World Tour to begin in 2021. The girls will be hopping around the world to celebrate the group's 25-year anniversary, and they will be stopping off in Europe, Australia, and America.

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No, you aren't crazy. They did just complete a similar tour in 2019, but this is reported to be the last time they will reunite together on a tour. Not only will they be performing around the world, but they will also have a film crew tagging along with them as the tour goes on.

The only thing missing will be one of the girls. Can you guess which one? Set to be on the tour will be Geri Horner, Mel B, Mel C, and Emma Bunton. The girls are all there, except for one. There's no news yet as to when the tour will start, if they can even begin a tour in 2021. At least we can all have our hopes up that we might be able to "spice up our life" one last time.

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