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Marvel Studios has another massive hit on their hands. But this time instead of being a big summer blockbuster in movie theatres (remember those kids?) this is the first attempt at a regular TV series for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Of course we're talking about Wandavision on Disney+.

Wandavision has been a treat for those craving the MCU experience without the ability to enjoy movies in theatres thanks to COVID-19 shutdowns. But even beyond that, it has served as a great on-ramp to the MCU's Phase 4. A phase that we already knew would play with the idea of Multi-verses thanks to recent Spider-Man films, and the announced title for the Dr. Strange sequel (Multiverse of Madness).

We're not going too deep into the show itself, but we will dabble in a little bit of spoiler info. So if you are currently watching, or waiting to watch, stop reading now. If you're not totally caught up with episodes, stop reading now.

But if you don't care about the show getting spoiled, or are totally caught up, let's go. I will see you below this Wandavision promo...

Ever since the 2019 Captain Marvel movie, we've known that Monica Rambeau existed in the MCU. But when we saw her in that movie, she was just a child. But when Wandavision came around, we got to meet adult Monica.

This has had comic book fans excited all along, since many know that Monica eventually becomes a super hero. She carries many names along the way, including Captain Marvel, but since her mom has already used the nickname "Photon" inside the MCU, I'm going to assume that we're using that alias for Monica in the MCU.

Especially since in the most recent episode of Wandavision, we saw Monica get her powers...

So who is Monica Rambeau/Photon? Well, she's one of the biggest comic book heroes from the state of Louisiana.

Monica is from South Louisiana, as we saw in the Captain Marvel film. She's often referred to as being from New Orleans in comic books and Marvel encyclopedias. During her comic life, she becomes a member of the New Orleans Harbor Patrol.

In the rankings of comic book superheroes from Louisiana, Monica would have probably been in the top 5 a couple years ago, but she might be working towards a Top 3 placement now that she's in the MCU. However that could be hard to crack...since Swamp Thing, Gambit, and the Suicide Squad are all in the mix too. But in my personal opinion, the MCU can probably push Monica above the Suicide Squad based on their history.


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