7 weeks ago I put on a t-shirt and stared at myself in the mirror in disgust. Why can't I lose this weight? I got a gym membership and hired a trainer who I had never met before. This past weekend I had family tell me they noticed I had lost some weight. At that moment, I was so grateful I didn't quit after a month with my trainer. I regret not starting sooner, but I guess I could have the regret of not starting at all.

According to Study Finds 4 out of 10 adults regret their life choices so far. According to the new survey lack of traveling and not taking care of their health made the top of the list of regrets.

Check out the list of top regrets in order:

 1. Not traveling more.

 2. Not taking better care of their health.

 3. Not spending enough time with their family.

 4. Working too much.

 5. Not being a better parent.


The best part about this list is that we can make changes. I plan to continue bettering my health. I want to work smarter which means I will work less, and I plan to keep traveling like my life depends on it.

Do you regret the way you have been living your life? If so, do you plan on doing anything about it?

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