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To say that the COVID-19 pandemic is once again at the core of a health and societal nightmare would be to grossly oversimplify the situation.  In Louisiana, where a statewide mask mandate is in place, we are seeing the same fight we saw last year between businesses that clearly post signs at their entrance that state a face mask must be worn to go inside and some potential patrons who are offended that anyone would try to mask them up!

That's nothing compared to the fight raging in the Lone Star State right now.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a law into the books that bans masks mandates in the entire state!  That means that schools, businesses, and pretty much everyone is barred from making face masks a requirement for entry.

Now, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) is upping the ante on bars and restaurants that are thinking about requiring proof of vaccination for entry.  According to the report from the Nation's Restaurant News, the officials at the TABC issued a stern reminder to businesses across the state that such a requirement could cost them dearly.

The opening of the statement reads:

TABC wants to remind businesses in Texas that state law now prohibits businesses from requiring customers to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination. TABC may require compliance with this law as a condition of holding a license, permit, certificate, or other authorization.

You can read the entire statement here.

While some say the TABC is out of line, bullying restaurants who are just trying to keep their customers and staff from spreading COVID-19 - this tactic is supported by the same law that bans mask mandates, Texas Senate Bill 968.

Reportedly, the TABC hasn't had to take formal action against a single restaurant or bar in the state.  They do say that there have been several "discussions" with noncompliant businesses.

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