My Take on the Bachelor Suit
So, two Nashville guys are suing ABC for discrimination. One an ex football player and the other, a multi-business owner, say they auditioned for The Bachelor, but believe they were purposely snubbed. One says he made it to the 2nd round of auditions, but his interview only lasted 20 minutes, while …
Another Bachelorette Fail!!!
The new season of the Bachelorette started up last night, but there is a new single lady in the news. Last season on the Bachelor, Brad Womack proposed to Emily Maynard, and it seemed for a minute they would live happily ever after. But Emily was just spotted in North Carolina ringless!
Honestly, I Saw This One Coming
It’s over! Bachelor Brad Womack and Emily Maynard are done done! Apparently, Brad Womack was less than the perfect boyfriend. One source said the following about the relationship between he and Emily in recent weeks: "He’s backed out of plans to come and visi…