Fancy Manicures to Warm You Up
Check out some awesome nail art that's sure to inspire you to be all you can be. Included is a project one man did for his wife imagine a shelf, with every single bottle of your nail polish on display. It's pretty awesome.
10 Pictures of Amazing Christmas Nail Art

Fashionistas rejoice! Here's some more of what you love, AMAZING nail art. As a dude I don't understand what sort of nailcraft sorcery takes place to make these nails look so magical. However, you can't argue with the results!

Fancy Nails – Awesome Nail Art With A How To
When it comes to fashion you either got it or you don't. If you're like the Lovely Lady Stifler, you love looking at pictures of fashion stuff. So here ya go, get your fashionesta on and check out some seriously impressive finger nails.

Fancy Manicures to Warm You Up
Fancy Nails: Super Impressive Finger Nail Art
When it comes to women, their whole bodies are a canvas. From the time spent on hair, to make up, picking out the right outfit with shoes and of course handbag. Women can be walking pieces of art. Here's extreme examples of women showing off their artistic side on their finger nails
Bold Hair Styles and Colors You Should Try Out Right Now
Whether you're looking for a new hair style or color and need some inspiration, this post might just be the inspiration you're looking for. Check out these pictures of bold hair choices -- some beautiful, some extreme. Take a look and get your glam on.

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