Beauty trends are unique to say the least. Some are super cool and fun and others are just strange. For example, the new trend that has invaded my Instagram feed is the feather brow trend.

What on earth is this monstrosity? Maybe I am just hesitant because I don't want to use glue on my face. Apparently, that is how you accomplish this look.

Step 1: Apply glue or some weird soap or wacky hair gel to your eye brows.

Step 2: Use a clean mascara brush to crease a horizontal part across your eyebrow.

Step 3: Then use the mascara brush to fan out the hair.

Step 4: POOF! You now have feather eyebrows.

If you wish to take on this new trend you are braver than I am. Check out the video below! If you do go for this look please send us pictures! You can do so on our K945 App.