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While stumbling through Airbnb, dreaming of my next getaway I found an oddity.  Not odd in a bad way, but odd that this historical treasure was hiding in plain sight.

In 1922, the Central Fire Station was built in downtown Shreveport.  As part of this modern fire-fighting hub, a 5-story "hose' tower was also constructed on site.  This tower's function was to provide a dry place to hang the massive canvas hoses the fire department used to fight fires.  By hanging the hoses up to dry in the tower, officials greatly extended their life and were able to stave off their deterioration.

In 2009, an arsonist sparked a devastating fire at the fire station and the ensuing flames knocked it out of commission.  According to KSLA, the fire would not be the buildings end, but the beginning of a journey to its new life as the home of the Shreveport Regional Arts Council.  During the renovation that ended in 2009, the hose tower was converted into a one-of-a-kind apartment.

Here's the best part - you can totally rent this whole tower on Airbnb!  Technically, this rental is a 1 bedroom - but since there's a fold-away bed in the couch, it sleeps 3-4!  I'm thinking this is perfect for an extended date night for some tired parents or a sweet place to set up your in-laws for the holidays!  Whatever your reason, this awesome rental will only set you back around $200 a night (depending on when you book).

Take a Look Inside Shreveport's Historic Downtown Fire Tower Airbnb

Built in 1922 as the Hose Tower for the Downtown Central Fire Station, this gorgeous downtown space has been converted into a 5-story apartment! Have you ever wanted to take a look inside? Here's your chance, and if you like it - you should totally stay here! For around $200 a night you can book it on Airbnb!

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