Every Thursday, I will share a funny story that you've never heard in regards to my time here with K945. Today, let's talk about Phoenix Underground.

Many of you who know me, and have for at least the last few years, know that I DJ'd at Shreveport biggest nightclub, Phoenix Underground. I spend several years there DJing the main room, before the club decided to close it's elevator doors back in 2016. I truly learned how to DJ at Phoenix Underground, if you were around the going-out scene from 2006-2016, then you know Phoenix Underground was simply THE place to be.

A lot of people, though, may not remember that long before I DJ'd Phoenix Underground, I appeared there regularly, every Friday night... Kind of.

When I was fresh into my radio career, I was booked for the very first time to host a K945 live remote at Shreveport's biggest party destination, Phoenix Underground. I was beyond thrilled. I had heard so many stories about this place, I couldn't wait to get there and join in on the fun.

Once arriving, we all collectively realized there was one big problem. I wasn't 21 yet, so I couldn't enter the nightclub to host this live remote broadcast. So, instead of going in and hosting the show from inside, which was the original plan, I hosted the entire show from the parking lot. Back in the K945 studio, our board operator would mix in audience and music ambiance in the background, to make it sound like I was in the building, hosting the party.

17 years old, speaking inside a vehicle, acting like I was inside Phoenix Underground throwing the biggest party imaginable, at a nightclub I wouldn't be able to step foot in for another five years...

That's radio magic and that's this week's #TBT.