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Even though they are grossly underpaid, I think that we can all agree that teachers are worth more than their wight in gold.  The right educator can completely change the course of your child's life.  Absolutely no one, outside of maybe college professors, gets into the field for fame and fortune.  They do it for the love of training young minds and arming the next generation with the knowledge they need to make their lives (and the world) a better place, often with very difficult conditions (testing standards, testy parents, etc).

Here's our chance to shine a light on one of these under appreciated treasures.  Nominate a deserving teacher below, and make sure you tell us what makes this educator special.  Does she take extra time with your kid?  Has he put in countless unpaid hours to make the classroom experience special?  Let us know!

Every Friday, Chica and the Bald Guy will select one special teacher to highlight during the morning on K945.  That teacher will not only get the recognition they deserve, the awesome folks at Notini's will give them a $50 gift card!  

Don't be shy, tell us who this spotlight should shine on and why!  Don't forget to include a picture of this special educator so we can show the world who's making a difference in our kids lives.