Not many things are as bad as having car trouble while your en-route.  It rarely happens in front of a repair shop or towing company.  Taking care of these situations isn't cheap either. That's why I highly suggest getting roadside assistance (r.a.) with your insurance or phone company (they both should offer it).  I recently discovered that if you don't have r.a. - the state most likely has your back.  How much does it cost?  Obviously, that changes based on what you need, but the good news is - you've already payed for it (with your tax dollars).

Take a look on the back of your license.

TSM - Brandon Michael

See that?  If you get stuck on the side of the road in the Lone Star State, help is on the way!  If you are on the other side of the border - DOTD and State Farm have teamed up to bring you the MAP (Motorist Assistance Patrol) in order to help you out in sticky situations, and to keep Louisiana Highways operating at peak efficiency.  Here's the kicker - neither will assist you with everything.

In Texas, the services basically exist to keep you safe until you can arrange for a tow truck, locksmith, taxi, or what ever kind of assistance you need.  You will be responsible for paying for these services, but the local police will watch your back and help you get those services.  You can find a full list of what Texas can do for you in a pinch by clicking here.

Louisiana will go a bit further, although you will be on your own when it comes to a tow truck.  The MAP program will at least provide these FREE things in an emergency:

  • Provide one gallon of fuel
  • Change a flat tire
  • Jump start car
  • Fill radiator with water
  • Provide the use of a cellular phone so you can make a local call for additional assistance if needed

You can read up on everything they offer here.

Bottom line is, I still recommend getting the r.a. - but at least you live in a state that won't leave you stranded.

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