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If you haven't already heard the sounds of Christmas in the air, it's a pretty safe bet that you will before long.  I'm not talking about sleigh bells or carolers, I'm talking about the song that has signaled the beginning of the holiday season for the last 27 years - Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas."  I'm sure you can hear the twinkling of the chimes that start the song in your head right now, and I'm sorry for the fact that it will be playing in brain for the rest of the day simply because I brought it up.

People are starting to dislike this song more and more, but not because it's "bad"

Even if you love Christmas, it's easy to get tired of hearing this song played on repeat in virtually every store in the free world.  There's really nothing wrong with the song.  In fact, as far as pop-Christmas songs go - it's pretty good.  The only negative comments I've ever heard about this infectious holiday anthem is that it gets played too much.

This bar in Dallas has had enough of the Mariah Carey Christmas classic

That's exactly why the Stoneleigh P bar in Dallas has resorted to extreme measures to keep Mariah Carey from robbing them of their sanity this holiday season.  ABC 13 reports that patrons at the popular watering hole are greeted by a sign taped to the jukebox that reads:

'All I want for Christmas' will be skipped if played before Dec. 1. After Dec. 1, the song is only allowed one time a night.

The Stoneleigh P management doesn't hate the song, but they're banning it anyway

According to general manager Laura Garrison, the song is only being banned because of how much it gets played.  Sure, you may hear it once while you and your friends are getting your drink on - but think about the staff!  Imagine hearing this song day in and day out while you are trying to make a living!  After the first dozen or so times, it would be enough turn even the merriest among us in to scrooges.  Reportedly, if you select the forbidden song - staff will shut it down before Mariah sings her first note.

Mariah Carey has responded to the ban at the Dallas bar

Not one to shy away from the media spotlight, the superstar and Christmas icon caught news of the ban and immediately responded on Twitter with this:


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