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Since we're all on a "New Year, New Me," kick, I decided to look at houses.  My wife and I have decided that this year, we are going to take the first steps at purchasing a home for our family.  It's a daunting task that has so far only succeeded in making me feel poor.  Especially when I stumbled upon this incredible home for sale in Texas.

This $19.5 Million Mansion & Waterpark in Texas May Not Be The Place For Me

I keep telling myself that I couldn't possibly live here because the commute would be a nightmare (7+ hours one way), but that's not the reason.  There are actually 19.5 million reasons I can't buy this house (that's the purchase price), but that didn't stop me from dreaming.

This $19.5 Million Mansion & Waterpark in Texas Was Built For an NBA Superstar

This house in Boerne, Texas is only 30 minutes from the Heart of San Antonio.  That makes sense as it was built for and lived in by Tony Parker.  Parker is the former All-Star point guard and 4 time NBA champion that played for the San Antonio Spurs (and later the Charlotte Hornets).  When you realize who the former owner is, the opulence of this Texas palace makes a lot more sense.

It Would Be Easier to List What This $19.5 Million Mansion & Waterpark in Texas Doesn't Have

This incredible mansion has everything!  10 bedrooms, 8 full and 4 half-bathrooms, a guest house, and an honest-to-goodness waterpark complete with slides, a lazy river, and more.  If you find yourself on the lucky end of a lottery ticket, some smart crypto-currency investments, a gigantic settlement, or any other financial windfall that puts this small city of a house within your price range - all I ask is that you invite me over for a swim!

Gorgeous Texas Mansion With Its Own Waterpark on the Market for $19.5 Million

Former San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker's Texas mansion is on the market for a mere $19.5 million - and it comes with its own sand volleyball and basketball court - and a freakin' waterpark! If you've got the money, the folks at Kuper Realty would love to make you a deal!

Check out this $5 Million Texas Castle for Sale

Here's your chance to live like a literal king or queen in Texas! This palatial, stone mansion weighs in at a whopping 19,673 square feet, and includes a gigantic garage, pool, towers, and more! Just wait till you see the master bedroom!

The Most Expensive Property in Texas Puts Yellowstone Ranch to Shame

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