Could This Be the Most Insane Dating Story of 2022?

I have heard of some crazy ex stories, I mean haven't we all? However, this story may just take it cake.

This Story Ends in a Burned Down Home, But It All Started When a Family Member Picked Up Somone's Phone.

A 23-year-old woman from San Antonio named Senaida Soto FaceTimed her boyfriend last Sunday and was shocked when another woman she didn't recognize pick up. Little did Soto know, the mysterious woman that answered her boyfriend's phone was a relative of the unnamed boyfriend. Instead of asking questions, Soto decided she'd pay her boyfriend's home a little visit while no one was there.

Bexar Country Jail
Bexar Country Jail

Senaida Soto Set Fire to Her Boyfriend's House and Facetime'd Her Boyfriend.

According to, she told her boyfriend  "I hope your stuff is going to be ok," before hanging up on him. Of course, the man frantically called 911 but it was too late for anything to be done. The entire home went up in flames.

Senaida Was Broken Up With and Then Arrested.

Senaida Soto was arrested two days later and She's facing burglary and arson charges. Luckily for her ex-boyfriend, People on GoFundMe have jumped in to help and they have donated over $15,000.

Are You Ready for the Craziest Part of the Story?

According to the ex-boyfriend, he and Soto had only been dating for a month when she freaked out on him and decided to burn down his home.

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