I was once told that I can't have tacos for every meal. Umm, excuse me? Growing up we didn't have toast or biscuits, we had tortillas. I've gone on several trips with friends where we end up cooking together and they are always baffled that I choose to incorporate tortillas into the mix. I mean how can I not? You can make just about anything into a taco.

I am picky when it comes to tacos. However, there is one major thing that makes me proud of living in Shreveport-Bossier, I am never in short supply of delicious options for meals.

Do you want great seafood? We have it. Are you looking for the best steak? Oh, we have that too. I am convinced that Shreveport-Bossier needs to be known for something else too. TACOS! We do a great job all across the board. We have so many different styles of tacos there is a delicious taco for every taste bud.

Every year I go out on an epic search for the best taco, this year, I figured I would show you some of the best tacos you can get locally.

Torchy's Taco, Ki Mexico, Taqueria San Miguel, Ramirez Mexican Restaurant and Taqueria La Michoacana all made the list for best tacos. However, which taco you should order? That's where it gets tricky. If you are a taco lover definitely try these!

The 7 Best Tacos in Shreveport Bossier

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