After all the voting and all the bands one thing is very clear, local music is thriving in the Ark-La-Tex! If you're looking for something to do on the weekends the best idea you could have is looking up places in the area supporting local music and jam out to one of these amazing bands! #SupportLocalMusic

With over 60,000 votes in the final round we now have a winner for The 2017 Favorite Band in the Ark-La-Tex... The Moss Brothers Band! From Texarkana The MBB is made up of Cody - Guitar, vocals, Preston - Drums, vocals, Eric Tidwell - Bass, vocals, Dan Rosenboom - Keyboards, vocals & Mark Braley- guitar.

Getting to know the band...

When/How did you meet/form the band?                                                                            Preston and I (Cody) have been playing music together for over 10 years since we're brothers. We started the Moss Brothers band about 4 years ago, after our last band broke up.  We gigged as a duo for about a year, until we met Eric at Oktoberfest in Texarkana. Eric and Dan have played in bands together even longer than Preston and I have, and Dan joined us at the same time. Mark joined a year ago when we reached out looking for someone to round out the band so I could focus on singing more. We've known him a long time from other bands in the area, and we were pleasantly surprised when he said he was interested in playing with us. We've been a 5 piece ever since. 

Why do you work so well together as a band?
I think it's mostly because of how much time we've put in with each other. Preston and I grew up together, so we know what the other one is doing all the time, and its the same story with Eric and Dan. Once we found a rhythm, it feels really natural up there. Mark is great at seeing what we were missing without him and adding that in. It's just a lot of experience coming together. We all feed off each other really well, and a lot of songs can evolve a bit as we go. It's a lot of fun on stage with them. 
What is your dream gig?
Any musicians dream gig is one where everyone is there to have a good time. When everyone on stage and in the crowd is feeling it, it makes all those hours of practice, and all those load ins and sound checks worth it. It's a great feeling. 
Why should someone come see one of your shows:?
You should come see us if you're looking for a good time. Something a little different, but still familiar. We try and throw a party every show, and we cover so many different genres, there's truly something for everyone. 
What are your upcoming shows?
We're playing somewhere every weekend in Texarkana, March 31st and April 14th we'll be acoustic at the Twisted Fork, April 1st we have an acoustic fundraiser for Lupus research at Pecan Point, April 21st and 28th we're at La Fogatas, May 4th we'll be acoustic at Fat Jacks, and May 5th the whole band will be at On the Border for Cinco de Mayo! 
Describe your band to someone who has never heard of you?
You should feel like you're at a concert every time we play. The lights, the sound, the songs you grew up with, or maybe something you heard last week, all come together. We play everything from Ed Sheeran to Zac Brown, Matchbox 20 to Pink Floyd, Bryan Adams to Garth Brooks. We do our best to bring a good time with us wherever we go.

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