Trends come and go and honestly I'm just hoping Acid Wash Jeans make a comeback. But there's been a lot we wish that didn't! Here's a list of the trends that have recently made their way back into the mainstream.

Leggings And Jeans

When 1 pair of jeans isn't enough why not wear 2... Now no matter how pale your legs are no one will ever know! Honestly I'm ok with this one because secretly I'm jealous that it's acceptable that girls get to rock leggings but it's creepy if I try and wear yoga pants.

Trucker Hats

Girls with hats are always cute so I love that this one is making a comeback.


No... Just, no!

Harem Trousers

Ok seriously how was this ever a thing? When I see someone wearing Harem Trousers I think of oompa loompas. Unless you're Justin Bieber please don't continue this trend.


Can we please bring Jorts back?! They're the most comfortable shorts ever and in my opinion will always be fashionable... I don't care what my wife thinks!

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