Just playing I'm not the main star by any stretch of the imagination ... in fact I kinda play the 'bad guy'. Regardless come see a great show full of amazing people and actors. Here's all in the info on the play courtesy of the Shreveport Times and other websites.

Watch as the madness ensues this weekend when Mary Chase’s “Harvey” takes to the stage at the Emmett Hook Center in Shreveport.

The story revolves around principal character Elwood P. Dowd, a charming and kind man, and his sister, Veta Simmons.

“I’m the sane one,” said Jim Cowles, playing the role of Elwood, “I view him as sort of a romantic in life and he has this invisible friend. He’s very sane himself living in the world, it’s everybody else who isn’t.”

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Harvey is a play that the movie (Harvey) is based off of. It's a tale of a guy with an invisible rabbit. Is he crazy or is the world crazy?!?! Come see and judge for yourself.


Friday May 4th, Sat. May 5th, & Sun May 6th

Friday May 11th Sat. May 12th, & Sun May 13th

The Friday, Saturday shows start at 7:30 however the Sunday show start at 3pm.

Ticket Prices: $10 Children, $14 Seniors/Military, $16 Adults

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Interesting fact, this is the first play I've done where I didn't have to dance or wear a suit. Come see me 'bad guy' it up with an almost Bostonian accent this Friday.