Another week, another NFL screw-job for our beloved New Orleans Saints.

Today, I wanted to list the six things that are more likely to happen than the Saints not getting screwed by the referees and their NFL overlords.

Now, I know what you're saying... "Jay, the Saints get screwed every week,  the chances of them not getting screwed are slim-to-none!!" Don't get me wrong, it was hard work, but I think I've done it.



  • 1

    Popeye's Brings Back the Chicken Sandwich

    I'm confident you'll see the return of the Popeyes chicken sandwich before you see a week where the NFL doesn't screw over the Saints.

  • 2

    Roger Goodell Comes to Nola Dressed as Clown

    We all have seen the shirts, heck, some of us own one! You've got a better chance of seeing the commissioner literally dress up as that character than you do seeing the Saints not get screwed.

  • 3

    Aaron Donald Apologizing for Ruining Saints Season

    You'll see the feared and ruthless Rams' D-lineman apologize for ripping Drew Brees' thumb apart before you see a game where the Saints don't get screwed.

  • 4

    Miami Dolphins Win the Super Bowl

    The Miami Dolphins might be worse than your son's pee-wee football team. Still, you'll see them holding the Lombardi Trophy before you see the Saints make it through a screw-less game.

  • 5

    Finding a Road Without Potholes in Shreveport

    There are three guarantees in life for a Shreveporter. Death, taxes, and your car getting wrecked by a pothole. however, at this point, I think you have a better chance of avoiding Shereveport potholes than you do of seeing the Saints not get screwed over by the League.

  • 6

    Falcons Blowing a 28-3 Super Bowl Lead AGAIN

    The Falcons gave up a 28-3 Super Bowl lead to lose to the Patriots. Something no one could have predicted, and it woul;d be nearly impossible for any of us to see anything like that again. Yet, the Saints not getting screwed by the NFL is actually impossible.

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