Are you ready for another round of Snow in Shreveport-Bossier? I'll be completely honest, I can't even imagine having to go on my outdoor walks when Monday's low drops to 8 degrees. I hope we don't have snow, I pray that the Barksdale Bubble doesn't fail us now. However, if it does there are some things that we need to make sure we do right.

My father's biggest fear is that a pipe will burst so he has called to remind me to check several things to make the week of dramatic low temperatures much easier. Being a new homeowner I want to make sure something doesn't go wrong and I want to take all the steps possible so I don't let a rookie mistake cost me money in the long run.

There are a handful of things you and I can do to make sure our house is ready for the freezing temperatures, I realize that sometimes we just need a reminder on what to do.

  • Allow a small trickle of water to run overnight, no this won't mess up your water bill. The preferred way to let a faucet drip is through a  faucet on an outside wall.
  • Open all the cabinets under a sink. You need the warm air to make its way all over your home including under the sinks.
  • Know what to do if a pipe bursts. Do you know the locations of your shut-off valves? This will be the quickest way to make sure your home doesn't flood.
  • Turn off automatic sprinklers
  • Make sure you go through and detach hoses from faucets my dad always wrapped the faucets to protect the pipes outdoors. (Most hardware stores sell inexpensive foam exterior faucet covers too)

A very important message for all of my friends who use space heaters. Make sure your space heater is at least 4 feet away from anything, I'm talking fabric, papers, furniture anything that could catch fire. Please remember to NOT use an extension cord if you're needing to use a space heater.

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